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Wood Rot Repair and Termite Repair Services

At San Diego Wood Rot Repair, a division of John Burke Construction Inc., we take pride in being specialists in wood rot and termite repair for both residential and commercial properties. With a focus on building renovation and full project restoration, we address structural and aesthetic components, including buildings, decks, fences, and trim work.

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Cost-Efficient Project Restoration

Our restoration process often allows us to restore main structural components rather than replace them with huge savings. It also often allows for termite "Spot Treatment" rather than whole-house tenting. This includes cost savings and avoids exposure to chemicals, broken roof tiles, property vacating, and other tenting headaches.

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Specially Developed Repair Process

We've developed a unique restoration process refined over 25 years that minimizes replacement and provides substantial cost savings. While painters, paint, and termite companies handle their expertise, let San Diego Wood Rot Repair and our qualified technicians take care of the crucial repair work.

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Restoration vs. Replacement

Our in-house developed restoration process allows us to restore affected members rather than replace them, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers. This process, refined over many years, ensures professional wood rot repair to salvage valuable wood components.

Detecting Wood Rot

Detecting wood rot is crucial for timely intervention. Common signs include musty smells, flaking paint, excess moisture, and visible damage or termite presence.

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Why Choose Us?

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Cost-Saving Solutions

Our unique process not only ensures effective repairs but also saves you hundreds, if not thousands, on renovations by avoiding unnecessary replacements.

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Specialized Expertise

Trust our qualified technicians to handle wood rot repair and termite repair with precision, utilizing our developed process to deliver exceptional results.

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Professional Wood Rot Damage Repair

If you notice signs of wood rot, don't rush into costly replacements. Rely on San Diego Wood Rot Repair for professional wood rot damage repair. We address the root causes, utilizing our specially developed process to kill fungi and pests while repairing damaged areas.

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